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Wilde is the predictive analytics engine that drives ecommerce ROI

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Metrics to maximize customer LTV

Wilde provides a suite of predictions for every customer so you can engage personally and forecast confidently.

Customer LTV forecasts

Invest confidently and target intelligently with a purchase countdown and future LTV forecast for every customer

Churn probability predictions

Identify and grow your best customers and proactively engage at-risk customers to maximize customer value

Customer trait impact analysis

Focus on key drivers of customer value to maximize your marketing and customer experience resources
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Metrics to maximize customer LTV

Efficient acquisition and smart engagement
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Power your acquisition engine

Boost LTV:CAC ratio by identifying and investing in high-value channels and campaigns

Boost customer profitability

Quantify the return on customer satisfaction, reward loyalty, and engage strategically

Segment, personalize, automate

Activate your customers with timely personalized engagements across the entire customer lifecycle

Maximize business equity

Cultivate a healthy customer base to maximize the present and future value of your business

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Why use Wilde?


We only read the data we need. No lengthy integrations or PII data necessary.


We build everything on top of your data warehouse and never retain any data.


We're always testing and reporting model accuracy—no black boxes here.

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How Wilde works

Wilde is designed to be your “data scientist in a box.” This means you get all the leverage of predictive analytics without the tedious research, model deployment, and testing.

Wilde connects to your existing data infrastructure and needs minimal access—just provide an anonymized table of basic order data and get all the predictions, parameters, and … written back to you data warehouse or data lake.

With Wilde, you can focus on getting the most value from these predictions, rather than building them.

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